SITE article Conférence final



 What is the SITE Project?

The project has developed and trialed solutions which allow travelers to have greater mobility through the use of intermodal and interoperable ticketing. The 6.5 millions euros invested by all partners were funded at 65% by the European Regional Development Fund in the frame of the Atlantic Area Territorial Cooperation Programme.

  • —Interreg IV B Atlantic Area
  • —Addressing the barriers to the interoperability of tickets in the Atlantic Area
  • —Support the use of alternative mobility modes (public transport, cycling).
  • —3 years: from 2011 to 2014

Who was involved ?

  • —9 partners from 5 countries / 6 regions
  • —Organising authorities and operators
  • —Urban public transport, urban cycling
  • —Different cultural, legal, economic contexts but:

Common will to use smart ticketing as a tool to improve the use of alternative mobility modes for their citizens

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